Urgent notice - Friday March 2nd

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,


Thank you for your understanding regarding the difficult decisions taken over the last three days to close our College.


Our caretaking team and other staff have been working hard to make the site safe, so we will be open today (Friday 2 March) as normal at 9am. There is a forecast of snow later, so we may close early. If we do, we will email all parents and put a notice on our website.


In order for learning to be successful, students must do the following:

  • Keep a calm and sensible manner so that everyone will keep safe.

  • Be aware that Lime Tree Avenue, some of the twittens and local minor roads are very icy, so please take care when walking to school.

  • If they walk or cycle to school, they should wear practical footwear suitable for snow, slush and ice and change into their school shoes when they enter the building.

  • Similarly, students should bring a weatherproof coat for travelling to and from school. Hats and gloves may be useful. Hoodies will not be permitted.

  • White, black or navy, warm underlayers can be worn under their school shirts or blouses. Normal school uniform appearance should be maintained.

  • Only use the playgrounds for essential travelling between buildings. Before school, after school and at break and lunchtime, the playgrounds will be closed for anything other than walking between buildings. They will be icy due to freezing winds.

  • Students and staff must only walk on the cleared pathways and must not walk on any snow because this will compact the snow into ice and make the site more hazardous and more difficult to clear.

  • No student is permitted to handle, throw or kick snow.

    • It can cause injury or discomfort to other students,

    • It can be used as a way to intimidate other students,

    • It can also cause the cleared pathway to get snow / ice on them and so cause an injury hazard.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely,


Hugh Hennebry