Extra Curricular Clubs 2019/20 Term 1

We actively encourage students to take part in extra curricular activities both inside and outside of school. Joining a club or engaging with extra curricular activities is a great way to meet like minded people, develop your skills and to make friends who have similar interests. We urge new students to pop along to see which clubs spark their interest and to take part in many activities.

All in college activities take place either at lunchtime or straight after school unless otherwise stated. Students should speak to the member of staff running the activity if they would like to attend.




Uckfield College Clubs 2019/20 Term 1
  Name of club   Day   Time   Year Groups   Location   Staff Initials
  Basketball Club   Monday   Lunch   7,8,9   Sports Hall   CTP
  Book Club   Monday   3.00 - 4.00   All   Reading Room   MI
  LGBTQ+ Diversity Group   Monday   Lunch   All   MU1   SGW
  Startech   Monday (Week A)   3.00 - 4.30   All   Mezzanine   TP
  Chamber Strings   Tuesday   Lunch/PDT 1.40 - 2.25   All   MU1   SGW
  Chess Club   Tuesday   3.25 - 5.00   All   H1   JFL
  Football Club   Tuesday   3.30 - 4.30   9, 10 and 11   3G   CTP
  Rugby Club   Tuesday   3.30 - 4.30   7 and 8   Rugby Pitch   JLV
  Dance Club   Tuesday   1.40 - 2.00   8   Dance Studio   LGR
  Badminton Club   Tuesday   8.00 - 9.00   9, 10 and 11   Sports Hall   CTP
  Chamber Choir   Wednesday   Lunch/PDT 1.40 - 2.25   Y9 to Y13   MU1   SGW
  Lower School Choir   Wednesday   Lunch 1.25 - 2.00   7 and 8   MU2   ADL
  Debate Club   Wednesday   Lunch and PDT   Y8 and 9   SO1   CRBRTS
  Drama Club   Wednesday   1.45 - 2.25   Y8   Drama Studio   ZFN
  Hockey Club   Wednesday   3.30 - 4.30   All   3G   SSHN & JMCH
  Ukulele Group   Wednesday   3.30 - 4.30   All   MU1   ZTM
  6th Form Sport   Thursday   Lunch and PDT   6th Form   3G   CTP
  Badminton Club   Thursday   8am - 9am   7,8,9   Sports Hall   JMCH
  Football Club   Thursday   3.30 - 4.30   7,8,9   3G   CTP
  Jazz Band   Thursday   1.40 - 2.25   All   MU1   SGW
  Orchestra   Thursday   3.30 - 4.30   All   MU1   SGW
  Netball Club   Thursday   3.30 - 4.30   All   Netball Courts   SSHP & SLVT
  Spiritus Carnival Club   Thursday   3.30 -5.30   All   AR 2   SR
  Swimming Club   Thursday   Lunch   All   Swimming Pool   CTP
  Basketball Club   Friday   Lunch   10,11,6th Form   Sports Hall   CTP
  Brass Band   Friday   Lunch   All   MU2   ZTM
  Christian Union   Friday   Lunch   All   M1   CJN
  Drama Club   Friday   1.45 - 2.25   Y7   Drama Studio   ZFN
  Fitness Club   Friday   8am - 9am   All   Gym   CTP