Overall Performance

Results 2017 and cause for celebration yet again!

Another year of excellent exam performance for Uckfield College students, staff and parents; definitely a set of results we are all very proud of. At both GCSE and A level we have some very exciting headline figures which we are delighted to show off, but it is the stories of the people behind those figures that Uckfield College really celebrates.

The most important stories are those of our students, relentless in their determination to achieve at the highest standards across all of their subjects, embracing challenges and working hard each and every day to be the best they can be. Our parents are key to the successful headline numbers too, supporting a teenager through GCSE and A level years requires firm boundaries and much patience.


2017 GCSE Students

Uckfield College students performed better than ever. [


GCSE level results 2017A
GCSE level results 2017
GCSE level results 2017

2017 A level Students

Uckfield College students performed within the TOP 12% of schools nationally! [Read More..]


A level results 2017A
A level results 2017
A level results 2017


Exam and Assessment results

A Level Results 2017:

  • 27% of students achieved the highest grades of A*/A
  • The percentage of A*-B grades = 58%
  • The percentage A*-C grades = 80%
  • The average grade students achieved was a B
  • These results were an improvement on last year’s very strong results


GCSE Results 2017:

  • The percentage of students achieving 9-4 in Maths was 79%
  • The percentage of students achieving 9-4 in English was 89%
  • GCSE Basics (English and Maths) Grades 9-4 = 76%
  • Percentage of students achieving Grades 9-5 in both English and Maths = 52%

Attainment 8 Score = 50.84 (Grade C)

This attainment puts Uckfield Community College in the top 20% of students nationally.

Progress 8 = +0.19

The DfE judge the progress our students make as ‘Above Average’. The progress is in the top 30% of schools nationally.

Percentage of students achieving Baccalaureate strong pass (Level 5+) = 13%

Percentage of students achieving Baccalaureate pass = 14%

(21% of students entered in Baccalaureate)


Read more on the gov.uk performance comparison web site.