Head Girl and Boy statements

Head Boy

Student leader
Josh Fake

"I am very proud and honoured to be chosen as Head Boy for this academic year and I see this as a chance to give something back to the school community that I have loved being a part of since year 7. I am currently studying Geography, Chemistry and Biology as my three subjects for A  Level and with the unwavering support of the staff here I hope to achieve the highest grades possible. I am a very physically active student, I love for rugby and dance and  I am determined to get more students across all year groups engaging with the huge range of extra curricular sporting activities that the college provides for them.

The student leadership team this year has some great ideas and plans to develop student support through student to student mentoring, increase sports participation, and share what we do well here at the college through better marketing of the achievements, activities and learning that goes on here at the college we all love so very much.

I look forward to the challenges ahead through 2017/18 and I promise that I will do my best to lead the 6th form student team effectively to meet its objectives and to be a good role model for students across the whole college."

Head Girl

Student leader
Libby Logan

"I am extremely proud to be chosen as head girl and I am delighted to have the opportunity to be a role model for students across the college. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths and I hope to study Veterinary Science at University. I believe that all students need to have high expectations of themselves and that they should contribute to the wider college community whenever they can so that we are all working together to make our community great.
This year I will work with the excellent sixth form student leadership team to achieve a range of goals that we have set ourselves. .

To ensure we can achieve the best out of the year that we work efficiently together, we have created smaller teams which are each lead by a deputy head boy or girl. Each team has a specific focus on improving an area of school life. Our priorities this year are to establish a successful mentoring scheme across the college, gain points towards the Wealden cup, hosting more sports fixtures and increase the number of social events that the sixth form lead. We hope these things will benefit students across the college as well as those currently studying in the sixth form. I want ever student to enjoy learning at Uckfield College as much as I do.

The leadership team and I recognise challenges in our roles, but we are determined and dedicated about changing the sixth form for the better and we are excited to see what results we can achieve this academic year."