We believe that every single lesson of every single day should be the highest quality learning experience that it can be

Though designated weekly planning time, our highly-skilled and trained, specialist teachers create lessons collaboratively that are challenging and differentiated, motivating and engaging and that structure learning as effectively as possible for all of our students. 

We track each student’s progress closely.  Through careful assessment for learning, students are given regular, specific feedback on their work in all subjects.  This is recorded in the student’s Learning Organiser, enabling the student themselves, their parents and their form tutor to be clear about what it is they are striving to improve and develop.  If a student requires additional support to reach their targets, this will be provided by their teacher in the form of differentiated work, or sometime on additional teaching sessions. 

Learners in classroom
Learners in classroom


In addition to teaching subject-specific knowledge, skills and understanding, we see each lesson as a precious opportunity to continue to develop the ‘whole-child’.   Teachers encourage students to be articulate and confident speakers and develop their curiosity through asking questions.  They explore with students how issues that they are learning about in particular subjects relate to spiritual, moral, social and cultural ideas and about modern British Values. Students are expected to be responsible and the principle we hold is that every student has the right to uninterrupted learning time in lessons.

Our aim, through every single lesson, every single day, is that all of our students achieve the best possible examination outcomes that will improve the opportunities available to them in the next stage of their lives.   Our ultimate aim is that they leave Uckfield College as inspired, confident, resilient, thoughtful, caring young people, who will have the skills to be life-long learners and make a wholly positive contribution to society.


Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Policy