Learning Technology

IT Services for Students at Uckfield College

All Uckfield College students have a college Google account giving them access to a wide range of applications including the GSuite of Apps. Additionally, they are given unlimited storage for files, email and photographs as well as access to a range of other IT services including excellent learning content subscription services (e.g GCSE POD, DISCOVERY EDUCATION, MY MATHS, KERBOODLE). There is site-wide superfast WiFi for students to use and specialist wired computer labs including 2 suites of iMacs loaded with specialist media and music software.

It is vital that students use all of our IT systems responsibly and safely and so we insist that each student adheres to the Uckfield College Acceptable Use Policy.

We reserve the right to remove access to our IT services and systems for those students who do not follow our Acceptable Use Policy.

Chromebooks for learning at Uckfield College

Students using chromebooks

We believe it is important for students’ educational experience to be as varied, dynamic and stimulating as possible. The use of student chromebooks across the curriculum puts into the hands of teachers and learners a diverse range of online learning content and software applications, which when combined with traditional ways of learning, yield an unprecedented diversity of learning opportunities.

Our students’ daily lives are filled with technology and they are quick to embrace new developments. We want them to become skilled and confident users of the technologies used across the Globe and we believe using chromebooks across the curriculum supports our students to develop the skills they need in the wider world of further study and work as well as helping them to become responsible digital citizens and independent lifelong learners. 

A balanced combination of school and home learning is crucial to the future success of young people, and technology opens the door to a new and engaging world that extends effective study way beyond the confines of the classroom. Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, subscription learning content services, web apps and the wider WWW, give our students ready access to learning applications and appropriate learning content anytime and anywhere. 

The Chromebooks are managed centrally, they use web-apps instead of locally installed software and so they boot up very rapidly; meaning that in the classroom no learning time is lost to solving technical computer issues.

All the information you need about our scheme is in the Parent information leaflet and the FAQ documents below:

Chromebooks for Learning Parent Booklet 2017/18.

Chromebook FAQ

How to change the password on a Uckfield College Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

In recent years there has been a move away from the more traditional approach of installing applications to a computer and only having that data available on that one device. It is now more common to use a web-based application that stores your data securely in the cloud allowing you to pick up from wherever you left off on whatever device you happen to have.

A Chromebook is the next evolution of this by taking the Google Chrome browser and making it the sole focus of the laptop so that everything is accessed through a web browser. With the addition of the Chrome Extension/App ecosystem you are able to access a wealth of “Desktop-style” applications which wrap around web-based systems.


Connecting to the WIFI network with a Chromebook

Choose the 'Uckfield-College' network and connect using the settings below:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • Server CA certificate: Do not check
  • Identity: Enter your UCTC username
  • Password: Enter your UCTC password


Connecting other devices to the WiFi network

If you are not using a Chromebook you will need to install a security certificate otherwise you’ll get errors when accessing websites that use HTTPS.

Please see this page for instructions


Printing at Uckfield College

We have a 'Follow me Printing' system in operation across the site. Students send their printing to the follow me printer and they can then collect their prints from any one of the print stations across the college site using their finger print. The printers also have a copying and scanning facility for students to use as required. When working from home students can also print to the college follow me printers and release their prints the next day at college. If printing is not released within 24 hours of being sent then it is cancelled.

Students have a printing allowance allocated to them each term, if they print sensibly then this should be adequate for their general printing needs. The allowance is increased as students move through the college and parents can top up their child's printing allowance using Parent Pay if desired.

Print a bag label for your chromebook case

Printing in College using PaperCut Mobility Print


Known Chromebook Issues

Camera not working:

The camera is actually fine but the shortcut to the camera can stop working and needs to be re-created. We have escalated this issue to Google but in the meantime have produced a work-around: 

Camera Not Working Solution