Race for the line

Race for the Line

Thursday 4th May was the date of the Regional Finals of the Year 7 Race for the Line rocket car competition inspired by the Bloodhound land speed project. We travelled to a school called Brambletye near East Grinstead where we rebuilt and raced our rocket car. We competed against 23 other teams, the best from Kent and Sussex. We had 90 mins to recreate a new foam body of the car and decorate it. Back at college we had designed some different wheels out of lighter materials to improve the car having tested different materials to see which ones shave off the most weight. We used carbon fibre for the axles, this was quarter of the weight of our last car. For our wheels, we had five spokes on  bamboo wheels. There were numbers on each rocket cars and we were number 14!

rocket line cars

All the cars were raced before the results were announced. We achieved a speed of 33.761 mph on this track, placing us 2nd place out of all 24 teams, narrowly missing out in a place at the national finals. Although it was ‘May the 4th be with you’ day, it was not with us quite enough at that point in time!

Amy Overy:7I

Lucie Fowler:7I

Jack Wood: 7F

rocket line car winners