Yr 7 Charity Dance-Off

Year 7 Dance-Off to raise money for Epilepsy Charity- Daisy Garland

Year seven impresario Jack Bulmer led his fellow first years in a dance-off for epilepsy on Wednesday afternoon, 2nd May. All monies raised from this event went to the Daisy Garland epilepsy charity, whose main aim is improve the lives of those living with drug resistant epilepsy

Challenged to follow the dance moves from Performing Arts teachers Miss Cooper and Ms Chilvers the year sevens strutted their funky stuff during lunchtime. In total they raised an amazing £157, but perhaps just as importantly made some very happy memories and enjoyed themselves hugely... even those who claim 'they can't dance'!

Special praise need to go to Lydia Munn of 7U who donated £35 to the cause

yr 7 dance off


yr 7 dance off