Public Consultation - school development

Public Consultation regarding new school development

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to all the parents who came to our public consultation about our new buildings. Your questions and comments were very interesting. For those parents who could not attend, attached are the boards that the architect produced for the public consultation.

The next step is planning permission, which will be submitted to Wealden District Council. Fuller plans will be published on their planning website. You are very welcome to submit your views to Wealden District Council through the consultation period, which will run for about three months.

This is an exciting time for our College, We are looking forward to this fantastic investment, which will improve the learning environment dramatically. The new classrooms will mostly be larger than our current ones and what our students and staff will also hugely appreciate is that we should not have any freezing cold or boiling hot classrooms in the new buildings.

Warmest regards,

Hugh Hennebry


[Consultation document]