‘Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future.’ - Michael Palin.


We firmly believe that anything can be achieved if you work hard, with enthusiasm and resilience. We pride ourselves as a department fully capable of ensuring target grades are met and exceeded by creating a nurturing, but relentless programme of support. 

We pride ourselves on teaching engaging lessons and providing experiences which students learn from, remember and enjoy time after time. We aim to provide the very best geography lessons, day in, day out. 

To excite students to take Geography further at college and university.
To engage every learner with their surroundings and the environment.
To ensure all students develop a dynamic skill set which will benefit them in their later life.
To excite students both within the class and through various field-trips, locally and abroad.
To encourage students to enthusiastically explore and question the world around them.
To encourage every student to fulfil or exceed their potential in a supportive environment.

KS3 Geography:

Students learn a diverse set of topics which equip them to really learn about the world around them, through a variety of approaches, we develop independent, resilient learners that have a life long love for learning. We ensure that topics are highly relevant, for example, we study climate change, migration and globalisation.
‘Geography is the best, my lessons are fun and we always learn about relevant things that mean I understand more about the world and can be part of loads of interesting conversations!’ - Lauren, Year 9.

KS4 Geography:
GCSE geography at UC provides an interesting mix of human and physical geography. Students thoroughly enjoy learning about climate change, tectonic and climatic hazards and migration. The skills need have been built on through KS3 Geography and are enhanced through the GCSE years. The passionate teachers the create highly engaging lessons ensures that each year, it is the largest option subject.
‘Geography is definitely my favourite subject, I always look forward to my lessons. The teachers always make the lessons fun and interesting and help me work above my target grade!’ - William, Year 10.

KS5 Geography:

A Level geography at UC offers students a diverse skill set that is both applicable to the classroom and students’ future careers. Geography, statistically, is one of the most employable subjects due to the tools acquired through its study. Our course creates life long learners that has a complex understanding of current and historical events that have shaped the world we live in.
‘The best part of Geography for me is how my understanding of the world around us has completed changed and developed over the years. From a deep understanding of physical landscapes to the complexities of migration and climate change. It really has equipped me well for later life!’ - Emily, Year 12


We are passionate about students experiencing the geography around them through fieldtrips. There are many trips which have run locally, and internationally - with some highlights being Iceland and France with current planning ongoing for the USA and potentially Italy. 

‘I love geography fieldtrips! Our Year 7 trip was really fun, we saw some amazing views, learnt lots about the area we live in and I was able to tell my parents loads about the different rocks in East Sussex and how they’ve helped formed the area.’ - Neve and Becky, Year 7
Our feedback from students, teachers and parents is always hugely positive and our relentless approach to creating happy, highly effective learners is something we strive for everyday. 

For more information about Geography, please contact Mark Leswell, Curriculum Leader of Geography or Kate Barnes, Deputy Curriculum Leader of Geography.