We want students to be motivated not just by the stories of History but also by the process of investigating different historical questions, to both progress in their learning and create their own history here at Uckfield.

History at Uckfield College - Investigate.   Argue.    Judge.
Uckfield College’s History Department believes its pupils should develop an ongoing interest and fascination with the past and an appreciation of human achievements. Our aim is for all of our students to become enthused and intrigued by different aspects of History so that they might ask their own thoughtful questions of the past. 
Our students learn how our society and its values have developed as well as appreciate the diverse nature of different people groups and how they have evolved in different cultures. Students at Uckfield study the work of the historian, the use and problems of evidence and the development of historical thought. Our curriculum helps them to understand the nature of cause and consequence, continuity and change,  as well as similarity and difference. 
In assessing Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992, the challenges for the Early Tudors and the nature of early 20th century Russian turbulence, our A-level students follow a balanced and rigorous set of topics as part of their OCR course. Many students thrive in their ability to select their own 20th century coursework focus. GCSE History at Uckfield includes units from the EdExcel specification on Medicine, the American West, King Richard and King John, Weimar and Nazi Germany, and the study of medical treatment on the Western Front in World War One. They acquire skills which help them to frame historical arguments and reach relative judgements concerning significance, interpretations and the reliability of different source material. 
From “What happened as a result of the stormy argument between Becket and Henry II?” to “Why was Mrs Ward against women gaining the vote?” the Key Stage 3 curriculum is centred around enquiry questions and resources that help students to review their learning, extend their insight into a controversy and support their understanding. 
The meaning and resonance of our Battlefields Trip has always helped students to be both emotionally connected to the past as well as understand its significance in our nation’s history. It is our intention for the relevance of History to become real and meaningful to our whole school community.
For more information about History please contact Mr D. Brunson at the College.