For more than two thousand years a familiarity with mathematics has been regarded as an indispensable part of the intellectual equipment of every culture.


Maths is the study of patterns, of logic, of problem solving, and underpins the very essence of the modern world.

Everyone is a Maths person.  We believe that Mathematics is not a fixed ability, everyone can be good at maths with the right attitude and willingness to learn from their mistakes.  Mathematics learning should be fun, challenging and rewarding.  Mistakes should be seen as a necessary learning process, and not a failure.  

Throughout the key stage 3 and 4 curriculum students are taught the building blocks of Mathematics, (algebra, numeracy, shape, geometry, data, measure, proportionality) creating a toolkit of skills, which are then applied judiciously to solve problems.  

For those students who enjoy and excel at the subject we offer the National Maths challenge competition throughout the year groups.  We also offer GCSE Statistics and  Further Mathematics GCSE at KS4.  At A level we also offer Mathematical studies, A level, and Further Maths A level.   

For those who struggle with the subject we offer support sessions during PDT, and after school.  

For more information about Mathematics please contact Lisia Muller