Media & Film Studies

The media play a central role in contemporary society and culture. The media shapes our perceptions of the world  and provides us with ways to communicate, participate and create.

Media Studies combines the disciplines of a traditional academic subject with more current approaches to learning. Media Studies provides an opportunity for students at both key stages four and five to study the most influential and ubiquitous product of the 21st century. Media is everywhere and everyone has a view about how it should operate, what it should or should not do, who owns it and where we consume it. Many, from audiences through to governments, owners through to distributors, seek to have influence over it, to influence or control what we see, hear or read and how. In the Media Studies courses students with deconstruct a broad range of media texts including: advertising & marketing, television drama, newspapers, online media, radio and magazines. Alongside academic study Media Studies provides students with exciting opportunities to develop their media production skills in different forms, becoming creators of meaning themselves. 

Film Studies provides students with the opportunity to study one of the major art forms of the last one hundred years.  Film is a key cultural innovation of the twentieth century and this A-level course allows students to be introduced to a broad range of engaging films & film movements from across the globe. Current students examine films as diverse as Boyhood, Pan’s Labyrinth, Strike and Blade Runner. As with Media Studies, the department aims to develop the creative skills of students, applying what they have learnt to the production of short films & screenplays.

Key stage five Media & Film students are involved in a number of enrichment activities around the college, including filming key events and making promotional films. Students also participate in The Uscars, an annual celebration of student film-making which takes place at the Picturehouse cinema in the summer term. The department run a number of educational trips, in the past academic year students have visited Facebook and 20th Century Fox. Students in key stage three with an interest in Media or Film can participate in practical workshops during enrichment week.

For more information about MEDIA & FILM, please contact Carla Taylor at the College.