"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" - Sergei Rachmaninov

Music at Uckfield College is incredibly important. Music teaches skills which can be used throughout life at Uckfield College and the music department are here to nurture and develop a lifelong passion for music.

Music in Lessons

Music at the College is approached through learning in 3 areas: Performing, Composing and Listening & Appraising. This approach is taken throughout musical study in years 7 through to year 13. Some of the topics covered in key stage 3 include learning the basics of notation, tonality and the elements of music through interactive and practical study as well as music from other cultures including the blues, musical fusions and West African drumming. Music is an inescapable part of everyday life and examples from across the music industry inspire our units of work including song writing, band skills and advert music. 

Students have the option of studying the EdExcel GCSE music course which involves in depth study of eight pieces of music, including Defying Gravity from Wicked, the Star Wars main theme and Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata alongside performing and composition coursework elements. 

We provide two course at A Level: Music and Music Technology. Music focuses on in depth analysis of a wide range of music including Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Mozart’s Magic Flute and Danny Elfman’s Batman score, alongside music by the Beatles, Kate Bush and John Cage. 

Music Technology focuses on the production and post production techniques used within the music industry. As well as learning about recording equipment and techniques students are required to learn about popular music styles and producers. Students able to use the facilities at the college to create high quality coursework.

Extra Curricular Music

Uckfield College provide a wealth of Extra-Curricular musical activities including an orchestra, jazz band, wind and brass bands, two string ensembles and three choirs. Students of all ages are encouraged to particpate in these ensembles and perform in our concert series throughout the year. 

Concert Series

There are seven concerts spread throughout the year catering for every music taste. Our showcase concerts in Winter and Summer provide the extra-curricular ensembles, small groups and soloists the chance to perform whilst the acoustic night and rock nights cater for our pop musicians and future rock stars. The Classical showcase evening is an opportunity for our exam class musicians to perform their recitals to an audience and we open the door for classical soloists and chamber groups to perform. The Carol Service in Holy Cross Church is an integral part of the college and local community and, broadcast on local radio, is not to be missed. The department are also heavily involved in running the School Musical alongside the other arts subjects. 

Learning an Instrument

Students are able to learn any instrument here at Uckfield College from violin, cello and piano to flute, trumpet, singing and guitar. Lessons are offered by private tutors and East Sussex Music providing incredibly high standards of instrumental tuition within school. 

For more information about Music and Music Technology, please contact Simon Gower, Director of Music at the College.