UCTC Life May 4th 2018


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Team members of our very successful Chess Club were this week invited to a Principal’s Lunch as a celebration of all their recent successes.  Mr Hennebry praised the students on their high level of commitment and thanked the people running the club for all their coaching and support.  The students are all excited about the next tournament, The Butler Cup, for which the top schools in the County are competing. Our A team is competing for the Butler Plate (the second level of competition) and stand a good chance of winning the trophy.  The tournaments is on 22nd May and will take place at Windlesham House Prep School.


Recently our Sixth Form Rugby Team, who are now the Sussex Under 18 Rugby Champions, and our Sixth Form musicians who performed in the recent Music Department Classical Showcase have also enjoyed Principal’s Lunches to celebrate their hard work, commitment and success.

Politics Trip, report by Elizabeth Beer, Year 12  

The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Commonly known as the Houses of Parliament after its occupants, the Palace lies on the north bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster, in central London.

First built in 1066, Parliament has played a major role in Year 12 politics. Having studied the topic with Mr Brunson, our politics class was enthusiastic to be seeing both chambers in a tour of Parliament on 16th of April, the purpose of it being to give us context to the course and to show us where UK politics actually takes place. Sixteen Politics students and our tutor Dan Buschle experienced Politics at first hand.

Arriving from the tube, we were first greeted by the Conservative Wealden MP Nus Ghani. She gave us a quick summary of her role in Parliament and as an MP before she had to go to a meeting at Downing Street. This gave an insight into what, as an Under-Secretary of State for Transport entails.

We then continued into the Westminster Hall to the guided tour. The most interesting fact about the hall we were told is that King Henry VIII used the hall as a personal tennis court, as construction workers and archaeologist found a 500-year-old tennis ball lodged into a hole in the ceiling, which they dated back to early 1500's.

Our guide first took us to the Throning room, which we learned had been dedicated to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The extravagance and detail of the rooms were amazing, all paintings were painted directly onto the walls which took painters the upwards of 10 years to complete. Guided out and through the Royal Gallery, we next went to House of Lords. The benches in the Chamber, as well as other furnishings in the Lord's' side of the Palace, are coloured red. The upper part of the Chamber is decorated with stained glass windows and by six allegorical frescoes representing religion, chivalry, and law. This is the only Chamber the monarch is allowed in. We were told that following the Blitz in WW2, which destroyed the chamber of the House of Commons, the Lord's chamber was occupied by the Commons. The Lords temporarily used the Robing Room during the reconstruction. The State Opening Of Parliament was carried out as normal, with the new rooms being used.

We next were shown to the House of Commons. It is plainer in style than the Lords Chamber; the benches, as well as other furnishings in the Commons side of the Palace, are coloured green.

By tradition, as stated, the Sovereign does not enter the Chamber of the House of Commons. The last monarch to do so was King Charles I, in 1642. We were told the King sought to arrest five Members of Parliament on charges of high treason, but when he asked the Speaker, William Lenthall, if he had any knowledge of the whereabouts of these individuals, Lenthall famously replied: "May it please your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as the House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here." Since then, in the State Opening of Parliament, when Black Rod representing the monarch approaches the doors to the chamber of the House of Commons to make the summons, they are pointedly slammed in his or her face. Black Rod has to strike the door three times with a staff. This is something that I wasn’t aware of before the visit and thought was interesting.

Having seen both Chambers, we made our way out of Parliament. Later to go back to watch the House of Commons debate, this was interesting, however, showed us how long and tedious debates in the Commons are, many lasting hours.

The trip in all was incredibly interesting and engaging, we all enjoyed seeing the stunning architecture and history of Parliament. This trip definitely inspired some of us to consider what a career in politics would be, and thinking about developing our political education to possibly university.

Year seven impresario Jack Bulmer led his fellow first years in a dance-off for epilepsy on Wednesday afternoon. All monies raised from this event went to the Daisy Garland epilepsy charity, whose main aim is improve the lives of those living with drug resistant epilepsy.

Challenged to follow the dance moves from Performing Arts teachers Mrs Cooper and Ms Chilvers the year sevens strutted their funky stuff during lunchtime. In total they raised an amazing £157, but perhaps just as importantly made some very happy memories and enjoyed themselves hugely... even those who claim 'they can't dance'!

Special praise needs to go to Lydia Munn of 7U who donated £35 to the cause. Well done all, what a fantastic way to raise money for charity!


Uckfield Leos’ club have organised another foodbank collection on the week of 8th to the 11th of May in Student Reception.  We ask that students from all year groups donate any available items from the list of foods provided (this could even be something you already have at home as long as it's in date). We have suggested foods and a list of food that is not needed.

Thank you so much, the Leos really appreciate your kindness.


Suggested items

Foods that are not needed

Tinned potatoes/ tinned veg


Tinned fruit

Instant mashed potato

Tinned meat

Rice pudding (tinned)

Sponge pudding (tinned) - urgently needed

Instant coffee/tea bags

500g packs of sugar



UHT milk

Baked beans
Breakfast cereal
Tea bags
Tinned tuna
Tinned soup
Tinned tomatoes
Long life fruit juice



Alcohol is not allowed or accepted in any form; either as an ingredient or a bottle.  

If anyone has any cardboard boxes or sturdy bags that they could donate to be used to transport the food that would be very helpful. Thank you again for your kindness.


Three of our incredibly dedicated and talented GCSE Drama students (Jasmine Bolton, Marvella Horthy and Eleanor Mumford) are performing Miss Appleyard's Awakening (a play which explores the arguments surrounding the suffrage debate of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century) as part of the Women of Wealden exhibition.  The exhibition runs from Mon 21st May until Sat 2nd June 2018 at Bridge Cottage and includes talks, screenings and music recitals as well as the girls' drama performance on Saturday 26th May. The exhibition is in collaboration with local historical societies, groups and the first female MP for Wealden Nus Ghani.


UCTC Drama students present a pantomime which is being staged on Friday 18th May at 5pm in the Pamphilon Theatre in aid of Cancer Research.  Tickets are £2 and are being sold on the night.

The pantomime was written and directed by Gemma Downing (10C) and involves a number of Year 8,9 and 10 Drama students, comedy, songs and costumes all on a budget of very little!

The whole cast have been working very hard since January and we hope you will be able to support them - all proceeds are going to Cancer Research.



Well done to Oscar Painter and Dan Sudworth, both in Year 8, who completed a charity Zip Wire from a 120 ft height off the top of the Blind Veterans UK building in Brighton just over a week ago.  This is an annual fundraising event for the charity and between them Oscar and Dan have raised over £120 through sponsorship. This was Oscar’s first time and, despite the nerves, they both had a lot of fun!




A quick update from Joolz Earley and Team Shadow at the cheerleading Summit Championships in Orlando, Florida. They competed yesterday against 32 teams and qualified for finals today which is top 12!  We will bring you more news next week.



As always we would love to hear from you if you have news of any achievements by our students in activities out of College.  Please email details to t.fletcher@uckfield.college.