Hugh Hennebry
Hugh Hennebry


Welcome from Hugh Hennebry- Principal

Our vision is to create a College community where every individual is inspired, challenged and supported so that they love every step and every day of their learning journey. We aim for your child to grow up as an individual who not only has a deep understanding of the world but also has the emotional intelligence and strong moral values that enable them to be a happy and positive member of our global society. It is an enormous privilege to work with such a special team of students, staff and parents. If you would like to find out more about our community, you are very welcome to visit the college at any time and see exciting lessons going on.

Our college motto is ‘Realising Potential’ and we constantly strive to inspire and support every child to learn and to develop into mature, wise, fully rounded individuals. Our unswerving commitment is to bring out the best in your son or daughter. We aim to find and develop everything that is exceptional in each young person.

Our ambitious curriculum prepares young people for a modern, changing world and includes traditional, moral values that have stood the test of time. A big advantage of being a larger school than average is that we can offer a wide variety of optional courses from which each student can select his or her bespoke curriculum. We have extensive differentiation, setting and small classes that further personalises the learning for each student.

We believe the strong triangle of staff, you the parents and your child working together enables each student to flourish. Every student is well known here due to our extensive system of Form Tutors, Pastoral Leaders, Directors of Year, Counsellor, Strategic Leadership Team and the way we thoroughly monitor every student’s progress and link that with target setting, mentoring and personal development.

In conclusion, I make no excuses for sounding so very proud of the enthusiasm, hard work and support of staff, students, parents and governors. We are all very much a team with the students at the heart of everything we do.